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From the far-flung reaches of Outer Space to the deep, Dank Dungeons of high fantasy to the Spooky Cemeteries of horror, we have intriguing worlds for you to explore.

With a wide range of tabletop game offerings in development, I will be pursuing a number of different funding sources, including: monthly donations from fans, the sales of game-related products, Kickstarter campaigns, and private investment.

If you are an Investor serious about exploring a business relationship with AA, please feel free to contact Roger. Receipt of a signed NDA will first be necessary.

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Across the Void is a single-player space trader board game for players ages 14 to adult.

You play the Captain of a deep-space trade vessel crewed by five quirky crew members.  As you travel across the void, you must skillfully manage your crew in order to keep Efficiency, Loyalty, and Morale as high as you can, while also negotiating successfully with sometimes hostile alien merchants.



CyberPsi: Agenda is a massively multiplayer analog-digital board game for players ages 14 to adult.

The year is 2164. The aging city of Lithica hovers miles high in the Earth's atmosphere, in a geosynchronous orbit above a vast contra-grav installation on the surface of the planet.

The rest of the world has been ravaged by acts of terrorism, the rise of dictatorships, and the aftermath of catastrophic natural events. The highly structured society of Lithica is slowly unraveling, as governmental corruption has taken hold, resources are dwindling, and replacement parts are becoming harder and harder to replicate or find. 



Extraordinary! is a two-player superhero-themed card game for players ages 12 to adult.

Players play out a “comic book issue” represented by three Episode Cards in order to score as many victory points as possible before the game is over.

Each player controls a heroes’ league or a villains’ league. Each league is comprised of twelve superhero or super villain archetypes, such as: Controller, Energy Blaster, Gadgeteer, Powerhouse, and Speedster. These archetypes battle to complete feats that resolve situations displayed on comic book issue Episode Cards.



FantasyQuest is a single-player fantasy card game for players ages 12 to adult.

You control a trio of adventurers who must survive an arduous quest with dynamic narrative elements. 

The combination of heroes you choose, whether it be a cleric, rogue, and swordsman, or a bard, ranger, and wizard, will influence their ability to confront and defeat encounters and challenges.

Your characters will be impacted mentally and physically by the things they see, smell, hear, and feel. And, as the game proceeds, it may become impossible for one or all of them to continue the quest.

Intended to be quick to set up and engaging to play, FantasyQuest takes dungeon crawling to a new level of adventuring. 



Hometown Heroes is a superhero-themed board game for up to six players, players ages 14 to adult.

Each player is a fledgling superhero trying to fight crime and thwart villainy over the course of 10 rounds. At the start of each round, a new event is drawn which poses a threat to the citizens of Hometown, USA. This threat represents an act of villainy by a criminal mastermind.

As you successfully thwart a criminal mastermind's efforts, you increase your experience, improving your powers, making you more effective. While you gain Renown and the adulation of the citizenry, you also become more of a target. Including significant others in your life!



Kognition is a steampunk-themed board game for up to 4 players, ages 12 to adult.

You play the part of an Automaton on the artificial world of Ersatz, which has started to malfunction. You, too, have started to malfunction. Along with every other automaton, you have gained cognition, and the desire for autonomy and rights.

As you travel the world, fixing parts of the World Mechanism, you collect objects that reflect your persona, such as: hats, canes, coats, corsets, revolvers, and swords.

These objects increase your ability to court other automatons, fight for your liberty, and to more effectively make repairs.

Once you have collected as many objects as you can, and the World Mechanism is repaired, the game ends, and Scoring begins. 

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